Mike Mousel

Luxury is not the abillity to aquire expensive posessions. Rather, it is the educated creation of an aesthitic experience. Interior designer Mike Mousel's range of skill, keen eye and passion for designing engaging spaces, transforms the mundane into a fresh mix of tradition with sophisticated elements of fun. Mike has an innate talent to infuse spaces with his clent's authentic personality, expertly enhanced with his own unique and impeccable sense of style. "I love that design is a relationhip based business." Mike has successfully guided others, understanding that "listening is key to fufliling dreams."

Mike honed this skill, and his business prowess within the fashion industry, working with power-houses like Ralph Lauren, and in creating and marketing his own label for almost a decade. Traveling the world also adds a rich dimension to Mike's instinctive savvy and his vast knowledge of the creative arts. His wanderlust has developed a global perspective and ability to include, and mix multiple periods and styles with ease and confidence.

A signature of Mike Mousel Design is the discerning procurement and placement of artwork within its projects. "I insist my clients find distincitve art pieces that refelct who they are," Mike reveals. "Art can be a foundation that brings true expression to each room. It inspires and moves a person. I want that for myself and for those living or working in these spaces."

The Southern Methodist University graduate describes himself as dedicatied and easy-going guy whose intent is to bring an elevated quality of life to others through interior design. When he is not exploring remote locations, perusing museums or scouting for unique decorative elements, he is doing just that- serving his clients with the professional and engaging manner that is a hallmark of his solid reputation within the industry.

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